Steps Together Foundation is a proud supporter of the Youth Leadership Challenge.

Youth Leadership Challenge (YLC) is a day-long competition, consisting of three core activities focused on building leadership skills. It’s goal is to help young leaders to understand how to utilize their leadership skills in practical, real-world scenarios.

The challenge is open to all grade 11 and 12 students across BC.



Each year Steps Together Foundation holds a public speaking contest for youth aged 12 - 18 years. The first overall prize is a $500 bursary and a trophy.

Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2019 contest!

Date: May 11, 2019
Time: 1 pm - 5 pm
Location: Friendship Baptist Church

Fill out the registration form and email us at

In 2014, founders of Steps Together Foundation established Youth Leadership Society of BC ( YLSBC), a non-profit for advancement of youth leadership through experiential education. In partnership with Steps Together Foundation, YLSBC delivers programs such as the Youth Public Speaking Content, and awards the bursaries. Please visit for more details.

2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

Overall winner: Vedanshikumari Vala

Winners in the 15-18 years age group:
1st Place: Vedanshikumari Vala
2nd Place : Isha Mehta
3rd Place : Himaja Mankala

Winners in the 12-14 years age group:
1st Place: May Fan
2nd Place : Troy Cheah
3rd Place : Grace Lee

2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

Overall Winner: Priya Jayakumar

Winners in the 12-14 years age group:
1st Place: Emily Su
2nd Place: Aryan Bamzai
3rd Place: Maaya Peshin and Raag Nair

Winners in the 15-17 years age group:
1st Place: Priya Jayakumar
2nd Place: Utsav Jani
3rd Place: Annapurna Narasimhan

2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR

Overall Winner: Sadhri Kumar

Winners in the 12-14 years age group:
1st Place: Sidharth Ahuja
2nd Place: Isha Mehta
3rd Place: Eugene Zhang

Winners in the 14-17 years age group:
1st Place: Sadhri Kumar
2nd Place: Jennifer Low
3rd Place: Vyom Sang

2014 - 2015 SCHOOL YEAR

Overall Winner: Nickolas Provenzano

Winners in the 12-15 age group
1st Place: Cathay ( Yi Ren) Wang
2nd Place: Eugene Zhang
3rd Place: Aditya Goshalia and Timothy Wang

Winners in the 16-18 age group
1st Place: Nickolas Provenzano
2nd Place: Subrahmanyam Janaswamy
3rd Place: Shiva Narayan