Coquitlam Foundation

Steps Together Foundation has partnered with the Coquitlam Foundation to create the Steps Together Fund which awards bursaries to youth from the City of Coquitlam. Each year the foundation selects recipients who have demonstrated a financial need, a strong educational background, and a commitment to community service. 


2018 Recipients

Jordan Chambers
Kate Kim
Kate Sew

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2017 Recipients

Venessa Felice
Mikyla Tak
Jessica Seeman


2016 Recipients

At the Award Ceremony on June 16, 2016, four youth were awarded bursaries by the Steps Together Fund. The recipients are Tina Madami Kai, Shelby Spreeuw, Sina Khalili and Vivian Zhou



2015 Recipients

Samantha Feng
Jordan Kam
Audrey Poblete


2014 Recipients

Gabriela Remes
Joyce Chang
Mike Wang
Sheena-Marie Nicholls
Sofia Fereshteh Saba


2013 Recipients

Jason Fong
Irena Jenei
Matthew Hackett
Sandhya Shingala
Amy Lee


Steps Together Foundation is honored to collaborate with its community partners. Please click on the links before to find out more information about our partners. 

Coquitlam Foundation
Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce
Coquitlam Public Library
Canadian Students Leadership Association